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Hypnosis Could Help With Fears and Phobias

Scared of spiders? Dentists? Wasps? Heights? Langdon Hills Hypnotherapy could help!

Essex HypnoCare; fear of spiders or flying - hypnotherapy could help
Fears and phobias could all respond well to hypnotherapy, with many fears and anxieties possibly only needing one treatment session (dependant on the individual). True phobias, which are often caused by a reaction to a profoundly traumatic event, may need a number of in-depth treatments incorporating analysis and regression therapy.

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As babies we are all born full of confidence, enthusiasm for life and an intense sense of curiosity, which encourages us to explore and learn about our immediate environment. With experiences we learn to be cautious.

We all have a natural inborn instinct for survival with a capacity to learn how to keep ourselves safe, what is dangerous and what is best avoided. Our ability to learn new skills to keep ourselves safe are partly based on our own personal experiences, but also sometimes develop via our natural awareness of the reactions and body language of others.

Essex HypnoCare; Hypnosis for fears and phobias
We learn about fear and what to be afraid of by being aware of the unspoken messages we receive from others. Many fears such as spiders, cats, dogs or birds are often ‘learnt’ behaviours and passed down through the generations; these may often respond well to just one hypnotherapy session. For example, as a small child you may have had a relative who was fearful of spiders and although you may have been too young to remember, you would have learnt that these small creatures were something to be anxious about. This is known as a ‘conditioned response.’

Some fears, such as of wasps or dogs may be caused by a reaction to an actual traumatic event. Fear of heights may in reality be a fear of falling which may need more than one session. To avoid something that may hurt or cause injury is of course a sensible thing to learn.

If fears or phobias cause debilitating restrictions in your life then hypnotherapy may offer the answer. So if you are motivated to make a change in your life, and for a confidential appointment to discuss your individual problem, please contact me on 07762 929820.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety can occur at any time in our lives for any number of reasons. Hypnotherapy could help you to reduce stress levels and help enable you to develop a positive approach to normal life difficulties.

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New research by Dr. Elena Antonova (broadcast by the BBC on 27 Jan 2011) suggests we may actually be able to change the way in which our brains deal with stress. Brain scans demonstrate people are able to learn how to control their own stress levels through the use of meditation. Hypnotherapy is a natural form of relaxation, similar to meditation, that can assist in enabling us to deal with all manner of emotional reactions safely.

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