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Hypnosis and Tinnitus

Relaxation to help with stress in Langdon Hills, Basildon

Essex HypnoCare; Hypnosis for help with tinnitus
Tinnitus can have many causes and may also be aggravated by stress. Therapy under hypnosis can help by reducing tinnitus related stress levels through relaxation and by the use of Suggestion therapy.

For tinnitus sufferers who also have hearing loss it appears that the brain attempts to compensate for hearing difficulties by increasing sensitivity to sound, allowing the filters for unwanted noises to let more information through.

The usual human reaction to troublesome sound is to ignore it and it is this reaction that Hypnotherapy seeks to trigger by a process known as habituation. For example; people who live near a railway line will quickly acclimatize and literally do not hear the passing trains that would be very obvious to an occasional visitor. This natural ability offers hope that recovery from troublesome tinnitus is possible.

Hypnotherapy can therefore be used to re-train the brain to filter out unwanted noises, offering the opportunity to turn the sound down, enabling the noises to then fade into the background and become less meaningful.

Essex HypnoCare; Tinnitus advisor in Basildon Essex
I am registered as a British Tinnitus Association Advisor and have attended training with lecturer and Hypnotherapist Dr Kevin Hogan.

Contact me for advice and support, there is no need to cope alone with Tinnitus.

Essex HypnoCare; Hypnosis for help with tinnitus
Tinnitus is not just a problem associated with the modern world. Ancient medical texts dating to the early Babylonian period (668-626 BCE) reveal references to 'the ears singing.' Hippocrates and other ancient Greek writers describe treatments for tinnitus including avoidance of alcohol.

More recent research since the early 1990's indicates that in most cases, tinnitus is created by the auditory pathways in the brain and is not a problem in the ears. Thus the majority of people with tinnitus have normal hearing and normal ears.

For more information see:

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Sleep Management and Insomnia

Essex HypnoCare; Hypnosis for help with sleep problems and insomnia
Nurses and others who work night duty often have difficulty sleeping during the day time and particularly when shift patterns change. I can teach you a simple self hypnosis technique that will enable a self-induced refreshing sleep whenever necessary.


Most people are only aware they snore if others are disturbed. Just one Hypnotherapy session may be all you need to switch off snoring.

Contact me for your free initial consultation and see how hypnotherapy in Langdon Hills can help you help yourself.

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