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Hypno birthing in Langdon Hills, Essex

Positive childbirth using drug free, natural, hypnotic pain relief.

Essex HypnoCare; Hypno birthing in Basildon, free consultation
"There's no right way to have a baby - there's only your way..." Sheila Kitzinger (The Natural Birth Guide).

There are a number of different levels of hypnotic depth that can be used to reduce discomfort during pregnancy and the birthing process to assist with a positive childbirth experience.

In a step-by-step process during your pregnancy, I will teach you how to achieve self-hypnosis, beginning with simple relaxation techniques.

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With my guidance, and regular practice in the comfort of your own home, you will learn to put yourself into a state of deep hypnotic relaxation (known as the somnambulism level) to enable you to use hypnotic anaesthesia for yourself as and when you need to.

The use of hypnosis throughout pregnancy to assist in controlling morning sickness, improve sleep and during birthing to reduce physical discomfort is not intended to replace the advice of a medical doctor, midwife or health care professional.

Essex HypnoCare; Hypno birthing in Basildon, free consultation
Since the beginning of the 19th-century doctors have been using hypnotic anaesthesia with patients undergoing surgery. John Elliotson, professor at University Hospital London, began his experiments into hypnotic pain relief in 1837. James Braid a Scottish surgeon used hypnotic anaesthesia with his patients from 1841 and published his first work on hypnotism in 1847. Hypnotic anaesthesia was used extensively for medical purposes during both the first and second world wars to treat shellshock and during surgery when chemical anaesthetics were unavailable.

More recently, these tried and tested techniques are being used all over the world to give women control over their own bodies throughout pregnancy and during labour.

Contact me for your free initial consultation and see how hypnotherapy can help you help yourself.

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